Enjoy The Day With Your New Adjusted Club


My Goal is to help you to a lower score.  Hit the ball as far as you physically can.,  with equipment tailored to you. To achieve this, I’ll put together all my Professional knowledge since 1994  to make this happen.  I am a PCS Certified Professional Class A Clubmaker, Professional Club Fitter, and GCA  Accredited Clubmaker

Golf clubs must be fit to you for best performance, e.g. Grip size, Shaft flex, Club Length, Club head style, and Loft & Lie.  Each of these items must be correct according to your height and swing speed.  There’s a 95% chance that one or all of these items are a wrong fit for you!  40% of your shots on the golf coarse are putts.  Does your putter fit you?  Is it the right length, loft, lie, or style for your stroke?  Most putters are made with a soft metal, they can be thrown out of alignment easily.  It’s not uncommon too find new sets of irons out of alignment also.  Forged Iron’s can get out of alignment in 4 to 6 months if you play 3 to 4 times a week.

· Is your ball flight right?  Does it hook or slice, go left or right?

· Are your divots square and the same depth through out?

· Are you hitting the ball square on the face of the club?

· Is the weight of your club right?  Too Light?  Too Heavy?


                                           Loft or Lie?


Loft  Angle Defined:  The angle formed between club face and ground line.  This is the Major Factor for Distance. 

Irons should have 4 degrees of loft from one club to another in a set, or something very close to it.  This gap will provide approximately a 10 yard  to 15 yard separation from one club to another in the set.  The exact distance each club will  hit the ball, vary from golfer to golfer depending on the speed of their swing and the launch angle of their swing.


Lie Angle Defined:  The angle made between the shaft and club head  sole.  This is the Major Factor on Accuracy.

Lie angle most importantly helps determine solidness of feel, distance, amount of backspin, trajectory and the amount of ball roll.  If the lie angle is not correct for a golfer he/she must compensate for all or some of these variables in each and every shot.  At 115yrds a 4 degree toe up at impact and  leading edge of  face is square to target, resulting ball flight = 18ft. Pulled left + 4ft. Curve left = 22ftl left of target.  That would = 5.5ft./ 1 degree toe up.




Statistically 43 % of a golfer’s strokes are putts per round.  By adjusting length, lie, loft and weight, a golfer’s scores can quickly be reduced.  Putting has a proven correlation to scoring.  Which putter is right for you?  Hands forward at address?  Offset putter  Hands neutral at address?  Neutral design   

Hands Back at address?  Onset putter. 


Do your golf clubs fit you?

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